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We have been developing and producing top-quality climbing equipment for over 20 years. Our philosophy is the functionality, quality and long life of our products. We don’t have to be the biggest producer on the market, but we do want to maintain the top-notch quality of our products in the long-term, alongside rapid innovations.

Development and production in the cradle of classical sandstone climbing

Our offices are in the heart of Czech sandstone climbing, the Labe valley. The development, design and production of most of our products is in the hands of people who live the mountains, climbing and sports. Our developers are experienced climbers, expert engineers, in short they’re real enthusiasts pouring their hearts and souls into the work.

We also have extensive testing facilities, which allow us to simulate various types of fall into harnesses and to stress-test straps, belts and carabiners.   


In our Děčín workshop we focus primarily on sewn products – harnesses, gear, straps, quickdraws, bags and much, much more. Each and every one of our several dozen seamstresses specializes on a certain operation and can manage not just mass production, but also more special custom-made products.

Out of our turnover, over 70% of the assortment is produced in the Czech Republic, from sewing harnesses, straps and lanyards, through work and sports harnesses, to friends, ropes and climbing shoes.

Technical facilities 

Apart from our expert seamstresses and production staff, our machinery is a significant part of the production process. We have the most modern digital devices, but also tried and true mechanical, indestructible classics from the German Dürkopp. All machines are regularly checked and maintained, to ensure maximum precision and production quality.

Laser plotter

Our CNC laser plotter is intended for the cutting and marking of textile materials, wood, plastic, foam materials, leather or paper, up to a width of 1600 mm / 2000 mm.

laserový plotr

NARRAN M5 marking laser

A fibre marking laser, used for engraving metals and plastics, flat components.   

Laser značící NARRAN M5

BRANSON ultrasonic column welder    

For area or point welding of thermoplastic, welding or toughening of synthetic fabrics (such as straps and belts). Output 2000 W, frequency 20 kHz. 

Ultrazvuková sloupová svářečka BRANSON    

Garudan programmable automatic sewing machine 

Used for the sewing of very heavy materials (ropes, lanyards).

Programovatelný šicí automat Garudan

Mitsubishi programmable automatic sewing machines

Programmable automatic sewing machines for the processing of heavier textile materials.

Programovatelné šicí automaty Mitsubishi

Basic machinery

Flatbed sewing machines, Dürkopp Adler  

Flatbed seaming machine, DA 867  



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