The CATCH mobile fall arrest device is an indispensable part of the gear of every worker at heights. The tool serves to secure a person during a rope ascent, when using twin rope technique or to secure someone when working with leg support. Appropriate for use with a static rope with a diameter of 10.5–11 mm.  The design of the fall arrest device allows free movement along the rope while ascending or descending. During a sudden impact load it blocks immediately, safely arrest the user.  The integrated adjustment system makes it possible to fix the arrester in the required position. The internal steel braking mechanism ensures state-of-the-art effectiveness, high durability of key components and therefore a very long product lifetime.

  • Easy movement along the rope.
  • Simple and safe installation.
  • Steel braking mechanism for a higher device lifetime.
  • Integrated position adjustment (ascending, positioning).
  • Each Catch device has its own identification number in the production order. Perfect for record-keeping and monitoring of metal products during maintenance check-ups.


Designed in EU.




Aluminium, Stainless Steel
EN 12841:06/A Rope: 10,5-11 mm, max. 100 kg; EN 353-2:02 for use as a fall arrester


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