The innovative successor to the legendary Korowai harness, new and safer than ever. This innovative whole-body strap harness is intended primarily for
rope climbing facilities, work at heights, safe traversal of via ferratas, adventure parks and ropes course. Unlike its predecessor, the Korowai Pro has a padded strap on the back of the waist belt, increasing your comfort. This padding also includes two gear loops to store any gear you’re not currently
using or to clip on the carabiners from your via ferrata brake when not being used (when walking).

The durable attachment loop is made from an aluminium alloy that significantly extends the lifetime of this harness compared to regular textile attachment
points that are the first to wear through during regular use.You can also use the harness for work at heights with falling risk (primarily on flat or sloped surfaces). For this purpose there is another aluminium loop on the back, serving to arrest any fall.


  • The harness fits a broad range of sizes, since it is highly adjustable with 7 easy-to-use steel buckles
  • Two sizes are available (XS-L green, L-XL blue), colour-coded for ease of recognition for example in rental shops. To make it easy to put the harness on, even the leg loops are colour-coded.

Made in EU. 




EN 361, EN 813, EN 12277
140 kg
EN 361, EN 813: User Max. Weight
140 kg
XS-L 50-80 cm; L-XL 70 -130 cm
XS-L 45-65 cm; L-XL 50-75 cm


  • Adventure park
  • Work