The SHERMAN arborist harness is the result of long-term development in cooperation with many tree climbing professionals. It is an ultra-comfortable and robust safety harness made of high-quality European material for maximum durability and long product life, even under the most demanding professional conditions. As the demands and techniques of arborists are very individualized, we have paid special attention to the flexibility of the harness and the variability of all its elements for different climbing and positioning techniques. A notable advantage of the product is also its favourable weight, especially given the well-padded waist belt with its many functional details and attachments.

The extra-wide and ergonomic padding on the waist and leg belts immediately catches your eye. This ensures a comfortable fit, allows for a remarkably large range of mobility and ensures comfort even when moving in the tree all day. Four straps on the waist belt evenly distribute the forces exerted on your body. The main belt straps on the waist and legs include sophisticated
aluminium quick-release buckles for easy and intuitive handling, even when wearing work gloves.

SHERMAN offers plenty of elements for anchoring and positioning: two rope bridges of different lengths (both included), adjustable in length, one with an aluminium ring. Each end of the rope bridge is fixed in a stainless
steel D-ring, always in a separate hole and optimised for 11 mm static ropes. The length of the bridges can be easily adjusted using the knots at the end of the ropes. Both rope bridges are easily replaceable, in case of damage or excessive wear. The harness also has two positioning attachment points (EN 358) on the sides of the harness.

The great advantage of the waist belt is the number of gear attachment points and their maximum variability. On both sides there is a slot for attaching a large carry-tool carabiner.There are also 3 traditionally-shaped gear loops. Holes for an accessory cord (included), from which additional gear loops can be created according to the individual needs of each user. In the middle of the lumbar section, there is a strap (with an aluminium hook) for fixing a first aid kit (not included) and a loop for attaching a simple shoulder harness (sometimes requested for attaching a chest ascender – not included). The waist belt also includes 4 loops with steel rings for attaching larger tools like a chainsaw, for example.

The leg belts are connected to the waist belt at the back with an adjustable elastic strap, made of robust and very durable material. The ergonomics of the harness can be further adjusted by adjustable straps (width 20 mm), which can be used to pull the legs closer to the belt at the sides and thus fine-tune the optimum angle between the legs and the belt for comfortable suspension in the rope. These straps are replaceable, in case of damage or wear. The new SHERMAN and the long-popular, Rock Empire SKILL TREE arborist harnesses are manufactured in Europe from the highest quality materials for maximum durability. Worn parts can be replaced under warranty and after-sales service.




EN 813
EN 813: User Max. Weight
140 kg
S-M (71-105 cm), L-XL (80-120 cm)
S-M (50-70 cm), L-XL (57-80 cm)


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