STAND is an adjustable positioning rope lanyard for attaching to anchors.

  • Adjusting it is very smooth.
  • The unique design allows adjustment even under load.
  • The metal component is made of stainless steel. Its design is unique. It attaches to the tie-in point of the harness with the loop. Once connected, simply pull on the free end of the lanyard to pull towards the anchor or release the tension by holding the device open with the thumb lever.
  • Large connection hole with anti slip rubber piece accommodates all sizes of locking carabiners. With only 205 grams, STAND is a light-weight, adjustable lanyard.
  • Including Multi Anti Slip.
  • Working length: minimum 20 cm maximum 100 cm

The carabiner is not part of the product.

Stand is also available in lengths of 200 cm and 250 cm.

Made in EU.



I tried out the Rock Empire Stand and we really liked how the device attaches to the central loop of the harness, because this creates a second standardised anchor point. Simple and easy-to-understand manipulation and a great thing about the Stand for me, is that using a second carabiner allows you to unblock the load. Overall ergonomics and ease-of-use in gloves.

Instructor for work at heights, Prachatice regional Fire Rescue Service, Milan Roučka.



stainless steel, polyamid, polyester
CE EN 358 Max. 140 kg, EN 795 / B


  • Work

STAND – specialist’s opinion

Finally! Finally, a positioning device that you just have to get. Or a “cowstail” done the way I like it.

Right, let’s take it from the beginning.

Anyone who does various work at heights, from positioning through fall prevention to rope work, always has to think what they are using to position themselves.

The basic work positions and techniques include something we people like to call a “cowstail”. I need a cowstail to sit up = it is a device (previously loop, tether, lanyard, etc.) that allows me to make a short stable attachment to my surroundings (attaching to a structure or ladder, connecting with an ascender, moving between anchor points, etc.).  I can hardly imagine most work at heights without a cowstail.

The basic problem of all such cowstails for a long time was the difficulty in modifying their length. Yes, you could use a break, positioner or Grilon, but it just wasn’t right. I missed something small and easy to operate…

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