Adam Adamovský

Adam Adamovský

Adam Adamovský, a new member of the RE Team. Adam has been climbing since he was six years old and belongs in the group of talented climbers. He lives in Havířov, trains in Ostrava and Zlín and, in addition to climbing, he also runs, walks on the ridges of mountains, rides a bike, snowboard and skates, does gymnastics and plays the saxophone.

What Adam says:

We are only partially a climbing family - sister Ella Adamovská climbs and thanks to her we all loved this sport. But we are definitely from a sport family, both our parents are gymnasts and coaches, since we were little we have been going to camps where we were meeting with athletes. We visited mountains and we still visit them now. 

What I've managed to climb so far:

In the summer of 2017, I did my first 7 C in Bedkowska dolina (Poland)! I was excited from that trip and started to climb more than just goof off;) and make a riot under the rocks. It really caught me and I was looking forward to every next climbing trip. On the last day of last year, I climbed Mišja Peči Rock´n Roll for 7c +.

Spring break in Arco -  route No Name 7c + / 8a trip in Narang.

I was especially successful in Peči during the Easter holidays of 2017. In addition to The Hobbit route, I climbed another 7c - VRC route. And most of all, I started 8 A- Samsara, I liked the route so much - and… .. I climbed it.

We spent July in two areas - Rodellar and Bielse. A month full of beautiful climbing and incredible experiences in nature. I wanted to climb as much as possible on OS and flash, which was quite successful. So far, my best OS fell in Bielse in the Faz de la canal  -  route Bord de Fossé 7b + and also 3 routes of difficulty 7c + in Rodellar.

Adam collects one prize after another at climbing competitions and also won the award as the Athlete of the Year of the City of Karviná (2014-2016).



Championship of Czech Republic

•2014 – 1st place

•2015 – 1st place

•2016 – 3rd place

•Czech Youth Cup U14 - overall evaluation

•2014 – 1st place

•2015 – 1st place

•2016 – 1st place

•Slovak Children's Bouldering Championship 2016 - 1st place

• Polish Children's Bouldering Championship 2014 - 1st place

• Petzen Climbing Trophy 2014 - bouldering - 2nd place

• Color Climbing Festival Imst 2017 - 4th place