David "PELUT" Palmada


Pelut. Our Spanish representative, passionate climber, mountaineer, diver and a lover of motorcycles. He is also a PPE trainer with IRATA L3. 

I started using Rock Empire products more than ten years ago. I know them well, because in addition to use, I was also their seller. In the original company, I met the Spectrum harness for the first time, which I found very comfortable for working while suspended. Now I use the new series Master for work, a harness that I find very comfortable and pleasant and very different from the existing harnesses on the market. The fact that the possibility of adjusting the waist according to my needs and the possibility of choosing from several shoulder combinations to combine with the sit harness is really rare.



New rout by David "Pelut" Palmada, Rock Empire Ambassador and Joan Gibert. The name of the route is called Border Line and was opened in June 13, 2020 in a single attack of 23 hours without stopping.