Ella Adamovská

Eliška Adamovská, Rock Empire athlete

Eliška is a young, talented climber who reaps success both at races and on rocks. Climbing means so much to her – if she is somewhere on a “climbing trip”, she can't wait for sunrise to be on the rocks as soon as possible. Ella is from Havířov, where she is currently studying at the local Gymnázium.

Ella is a sport climber and vice-champion of the Czech Republic in difficulty climbing and bouldering. She climbed two routes of difficulty 8c and in 2017 she ranked among the best Czech climbers - a two-time vice-champion of the Czech Republic (climbing on difficulty and bouldering).


Rock routes
8c / 11-
18.3.2017: Fish Eye, 8c, PP, Oliana, Španělsko
4.1.2018: Mind Control, 8c, PP, Oliana, Španělsko

8b+ / 10+
14.3.2017: Gorilas En La Niebla, 8b+, PP, Oliana, Španělsko
15.7.2017: Ixeia, 8b+, PP, Rodellar, Španělsko
17.11.2017: Kaj Ti Je Deklica?, 8b+, PP, Mišja Peč, Slovinsko
26.12.2017: Humildes Pa Casa, 8b+, PP, Oliana, Španělsko

8b/8b+ / 10/10+
14.4.2017: Marjetica, 8b/8b+, PP, Mišja Peč, Slovinsko
12.7.2017: Botanics, 8b/8b+, PP, Rodellar, Španělsko

8b / 10
25.9.2015: Mrtvaški Ples, 8b, PP, Mišja Peč, Slovinsko
11.3.2017: La Marroncita L2, 8b, PP, Oliana, Španělsko
18.7.2017: Highway, 8b, PP, Bielsa, Španělsko

OS, flash
5.9.2015: Gameboy Plus, 8a, flash, Massone, Itálie
7.7.2017: La Vara De Florentine, 7c+, OS, Rodellar, Španělsko
5.7.2017: Tragaldabas, 7c+, OS, Rodellar, Španělsko

Ella Adamovská, Rock Empire Ambassador. (video with en subtitles)

Píší o mě

Eliška Adamovská - Rock Empire ambassador. Congratulations to Elle for a great performance at the European Championships in Moscow.

Our ambassador Ella Adamovská has finished her racing season with the Czech Championship winning in the youth category (she won this title both in difficulty and in bouldering this year) and second