Iva Ondra

Iva Vejmolová, Rock Empire Athlete

Iva Ondra, a member of the ROCK EMPIRE Climbing Team, is the hope of women's sport climbing. At present she is inherently one of the top Czech climbers. Iva is a Czech representative in sport climbing, Czech champion and junior Czech champion, winner of Czech Cup and Czech Youth Cup in difficulty climbing. As the first Czech climber she climbed three routes of difficulty 8c. Iva climbs in our 1B Slight.

A few years ago I received an offer to join the ROCK EMPIRE CLIMBING TEAM. At that time, I was recovering from a long-term injury, but, thanks to the trust and support of the ROCK EMPIRE team, I recovered faster than I expected. They deserve a big thanks for that! The atmosphere of the ROCK EMPIRE team is super as is the support.”



Climbing Rock Cliffs:

2008: La Cucina, 8a (9+/10-) PP, Massone
2012: Ippolito, 10- (8a+) PP, Sloup, Moravský kras
2015: Sault Qui Peut, 8a flash, St. Leger Du Ventoux
2015: Les Pitchounes, 8a (9+/10-) flash, Entraygues
2015: Casablanca, 10- PP, Frankenjura, Německo
2015: Encore, 8a+ PP, Ceuse
2015: La Prince Du Latique, 8a+ (10-) PP, St. Leger Du Ventoux
2015: Mirage, 7c+ (9+) OS, Ceuse, Francie
2015: Odysseus, 8b PP, Nassereith
2015: Racing In The Street, 8b PP, Rue Des Masques
2015: Le Mur Des Six Clopes, 8b (10) PP, St. Leger Du Ventoux, Francie
10.2.2017: Gorilas en la Niebla, 8b+, Oliana, Španělsko
6.2.2017: La Marroncita, 8b, Oliana, Španělsko
8.8.2017: Nordic Flower, 8c, PP, Flatanger, Norsko
16.9.2017: Nordic Plumber, 8c, PP, Flatanger, Norsko
16.11.2017: Glutaman, 8c (11-), PP, Holštejn, Moravský kras, první ženský přelez

Medal positions:
Championship of Czech Republic
Gold 2018 Praha Zličín dificulty
Gold 2017 Praha Zličín dificulty
Silver 2016 Praha Zličín dificulty
Gold 2015 Písek dificulty
Silver 2014 Ústí nad Labem dificulty
Silver 2013 Zlín dificulty

Czech Cup
Silver ČP 2017 dificulty
Gold ČP 2016 dificulty
Gold ČP 2015 dificulty
Bronze ČP 2014 dificulty
Bronze ČP 2013 dificulty

Czech Republic Youth Championship
Gold 2014 Praha Big Wall junior dificulty
Silver 2013 Písek junior dificulty
Gold 2011 Choceň cat. A dificulty
Silver 2010 Svitavy cat. B dificulty
Gold 2009 Choceň cat. B dificulty

Czech Youth Cup
Silver ČPM 2010 cat. B dificulty
Silver ČPM 2014 junior dificulty
Gold ČPM 2013 junior dificulty