Tanager, Rock Empire athlete

Tanager is an athlete with her body and soul. She has been discovering the meaning, enthusiasm and peace in rock climbing for more than fifteen years. In 2016, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a full-fledged climber. Over the last two years, she has climbed all over the world, met new people and grew immensely as a person and as a climber. You can also find her building paths, organizing climbing seminars to motivate and inspire girls and women to this beautiful sport. In addition to climbing, Tanager works as a translator and writer.

What are her goals for 2019:

This year I have three main goals: to become the strongest climber, to be an "advocate" of the HKPP and to support the women's climbing community. My main goal is to become a better climber, not just a stronger climber. This year, I focus on building my mental strength, learning new skills and improving my technique and tactics. I also want to focus on increasing my help to people who suffer from all types of periodic paralysis and muscular dystrophy, this is a goal very close to my heart. In 2010, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder: Hypocalamic Periodic Paralysis (HKPP). With HKPP, I try to live the highest possible quality of life and I refuse to be limited by this disease. I want to inspire girls and young women, especially the ones from low-income backgrounds like me, that they can push their limits.

Website: tanagert.com, Instagram: @westerntanager


Last year she climbed: Geyikbayiri, Turkey; The Fins, ID; Wild Iris, WY; Ten Sleep, WY, Rifle, CO; Smith Rocks, OR; Maple Canyon, UT; The Red River Gorge, KY; Rock Town, GA; Olympos, Turkey; Frankenjura, Germany; Elbsandsteingebirge, Germany; and Labak, Czech Republic.