Vojtěch Dvořák


Vojtěch Watt Dvořák, editor of Svetoutdooru.cz and mountain guide, is an enthusiastic climber and skier. He moved from the region of vineyards and apricots to the Giant Mountains, where it is close to the mountain ridges or to Prachov and Dry rocks. He also flirts with kayaking and loves the Jizera river, like his teacher. And he runs or is trying to do something like that. He doesn't give up and makes those comic moves over and over again. He likes to think about the equipment and would always improve something.

Born: 1974

Lives: Jilemnice in the Giant Mountains

Discipline: Universal climber, skier, ČHS lecturer, member of the KHS Jilemnice, editor of www.svetoutdooru.cz, author of  a comic  strip ,,Watt's window in Montana" in a Czech climbing magazine, Montana, author of the section Metodýka (Advice that could stab you) and a UIAGM mountain guide since 2009

Hobbies: Running in nature, sea kayaking and kayaking, working with wood


A few questions for Watt:

Why and for how long have you been using Rock Empire products?

I like Czech brands. In the Czech Republic, there are about three brands to choose from. I chose Rock Empire, who was the first to listen to my comments on the equipment being tested. I like the feedback at RE and willingness to listen, apply and send prototypes for testing. The developers are climbers themselves. I have been using Rock Empire equipment personally and in the rental shop intensively since 2015.

How satisfied are you with them, when can you rely on them?

All equipment I use is exposed to above average loads. This is due to the fact that in my case it is a working tool. I am very happy with the crampons that can withstand really brutal treatment. I  appreciate the ice axes for the fact that it is possible to click the HMS carabiner into their head or to pull the loop to create security in the snow. And the LIGHTNING harness has become a popular harness for glacier courses, alpine ascents and climbing courses. Otherwise, the 1B Slight harness is definitely the best choice for sport climbing for me!

What did you overcome with the given products?

For me, rather than absolute numbers, it is about days spent on the rocks, on glaciers and in the mountains, including alpine tours and destinations.

What does challenge mean to you? How do you choose new routes?

More a desire than a challenge. Because a  DESIRE is A MIRACLE, buddy, MIRACLE. And it pulls me forward (on the seakayak) or up while climbing. I still enjoy climbing, especially on sandstone or using my own protection on granite. And how do I choose my routes? Mostly stupidly, because I decide by sight and feel, instead of looking at a guide. So far, the basic rule of climbing has always been confirmed: "IT ALWAYS TURNS OUT SOMEHOW!".

Your life credo?

Somehow two slogans resonate more and more in my head. The first is DON'T BE AFRAID AND DON´T STEAL and CARPE DIEM.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievements so far?

Climbing from 15 years without a single accident. The fact that I had my ear pierced in high school and didn't even make a sound. My hair was dyed red and I was not ashamed to go among people. And finally, perhaps the biggest success was that I sent a few enhancers to NASA for a mission to Mars, and I got a response that they will pursue it and they thank me. 

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