In order to facilitate better training for workers working at heights, ROCK EMPIRE built a Vertical Training Center. The Center offers inside training during the winter months in a heated facility. With this facility, trainees can focus on practical application of theories in comfort. The Vertical Training Center also offers classroom space suitable for presenting training material.

What areas we offer for training:

Stations in the Vertical Training Center:

  • Roof (complete and trussed)
  • Trussed electrical tower
  • Walkways and platforms
  • Steel ceiling structure
  • Scaffolding
  • Cable car
  • Tree
  • Window with exits into open space
  • Confined spaces (silo, well)

Offer of training courses can be found below in the list of Available Training.


Training Programs

Work activities are always carried out with permanent or partial support of the lower limbs.

Work activities are always carried out with permanent or partial support of the lower limbs or hanging on a rope.
Training of workers who need deeper knowledge and skills in the field of work and rescue at heights and above free depths.

Special training programs

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to complete service and evacuation techniques safely and effectively
Training for work activities that are carried out in tree crowns.
Upon completion of the train
To develop competent or authorized persons to complete successful inspection inspections of category III PPE.

By the conclusion to the training, clients will be familiar with the Rock Empire product line.

Teaching of clients to work as instructors according to valid methodical procedures of RE with emphasis on client safety.

Clients are acquainted in an entertaining way with the basics of sports and work climbing techniques and related skills.